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Group Therapy with Jan EDL Stein, LMFT

Jan is a member of our network team of clinicians who led group therapy within our private clinical trial. Her group work emphasizes guided imagery, meditation, Jungian Depth psychology, and trauma support.

We’re happy to report that her group is now open for once per week 60-minute sessions for interested customers! This group will be hosted on Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 PM PST.

In Jan’s own words regarding her therapeutic orientation:
I’m a classically trained and licensed depth psychotherapist with over 30 years experience creatively re-interpreting the work to be more empowering for the client and relevant to today’s issues. In my integration work I help people place their experience in the greater context of their life. We may hold particularly strong images and sensations and call upon the imaginal to deepen or interpret the experience. I have extensive training in working with trauma and sometimes bring this to the integration work to help heal wounds that may have been exposed during the experience. Our work is about understanding profound experiences and weaving them into an inner resource.


If you’d like to participate in Jan’s group, the cost is $30 per session billed in 4-week intervals. We encourage you to try this for a month in support of Wellness and Self-Care!

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