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Group Therapy with Dr. Bryce, NMD

Dr. Bryce is a member of our network team of clinicians who led group therapy within our private clinical trial. His group work emphasizes mindfulness, meditation and somatic techniques as well as shamanic philosophies.

We’re happy to report that his group is now open for once per week 60-minute sessions for interested customers! This group will be hosted on Friday's at noon PST time zone. 

In Dr. Bryce’s own words regarding his therapeutic orientation:
My main modality of homeopathic counseling has come about through different courses I took relating to Mind-Body therapy and coursework in homeopathy. It's a combination of CBT, narrative therapy and of course the intuitive shamanic approach to listening between the words. It uses open ended questions to help guide someone through the subconscious processing of false belief systems that in combination with a psychedelic experience paint for the person the terrain being navigated and being integrated. As they seek integration, it is often a reflection of where they are hung up in healing aspects of their persona that have come about as a result of past traumas and wounds. Recognizing this helps someone regain their responsibility to heal by understanding the patterns of imbalance present in their Male/Female energy systems.


If you’d like to participate in Dr. Bryce’s group, the cost is $30 per session billed in 4-week intervals. We encourage you to try this for a month in support of Wellness and Self-Care!



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