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Rewilding the Feminine with Suzy Daren, LMFT

Modern women have been taught to sublimate their sexual energy in service to family, career, and patriarchal ideologies.  By the time women reach middle age (and sometimes sooner) they have often lost any natural connection to their vital life force and are left feeling sexually confused, dissatisfied, and potentially repressed.  In addition to offering a psychotherapeutic space to process the false messages that we've received about sex and sexuality, this women-only course will look at practical ways to revive female sexuality as well as to begin to heal from any psychological, emotional, or sexual trauma that has prevented one from realizing their innate ability to develop into beautifully wild, passionate, and powerful women.

Rewilding the Feminine (8 weeks - 90 mins)
1. What is the wild feminine?
a. Unimpeded life force as energy and emotions
b. Desire
c. Passion
2. Sexual dormancy and inhibition 
a. Societal, familial, and religious messaging
b. False beliefs
c. Past trauma
3. Hustle culture
a. Work/life/mothering balance
b. Ambition and expectations
4. Addressing misogyny
a. Conscious and subconscious patriarchal programming 
b. Hatred towards women

5. The spectrum of abuse against women
a. types of abuse
b. scale of sexual harassment to violence 
6. Cultivating healthy sexuality
a. Sexual identity
b. Frequency and intensity
c. Boundaries
d. Communication
7. A holistic perspective of the feminine
a. Icons of the healthy feminine 
b. Healthy body, mind, and energy
c. Essential dignity
8. Intentions and commitments to the feminine 
a. Self practices
b. Community practices 

If you are female and would like to embark on a deep journey with Suzy and other group members, this 8-week course of 90-minute sessions is starting soon!