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Koru Mindfulness with Dr. Bianca Hur, PsyD

This is a workshop that is specifically designed for teaching mindfulness, meditation, and stress management. The workshop includes a mix of mindfulness and stress reduction skills taught through guided practice, discussion, reflection, at-home practice, and readings. You will leave the very first session with tools to use immediately, and you will also be provided with free guided meditation recordings. The workshop is predominantly psychoeducational, meaning you will not be required to share any personal information in the workshop - and the majority of time is spent learning and practicing the new skills being taught each week.

This 4-week program of 90-minute sessions teaching meditation, mindfulness, and stress management was originally researched with the young adult population as an effective tool for stress management. However, this class is suitable for anyone and everyone. 

If you'd like to embark on a journey of mindfulness discovery with Dr. Bianca Hur, this class is starting soon!