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Dr. Bianca Hur, PsyD.

Present Moment Embodiment through Movement Meditation

Gifted clinician Dr. Bianca Hur will lead a cohort of student through what she describes as a, "mix of psychoeducation, breathing, and movement meditation to release trapped energy and embody the present moment.” This course meets once per week in 90-minute sessions for a period of 4 weeks.

Dr. Hur’s goal is to ensure you leave with a new set of tools to help you better your life. She will also provide guidance and tips on how to use these somatic tools with psychedelics.

The benefits of Somatic Therapy include: decreased stress, reduction in aggression/ irritability, improved concentration, increased resiliency, improvement in sleep quality, higher self-esteem and improved confidence, increase in feelings of positivity and hope.

This course will be a mix of psychoeducation, breathing, and movement meditation to release trapped energy and embody present moment cultivation. Somatic exercises have been used to alleviate trauma, anxiety, depression. Each lesson is an introduction of different forms of somatic exercise. Each class will start with an introduction of the class topic, guidance in experiential practice, and end with meditation.

Current research with leading experts such as psychotherapist Peter Levine and psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk have written books on how trauma gets stored in the physical body. The nervous system holds onto a state of dysregulation, affecting cognition, behaviors, and mood. Somatic exercises serve to help the body experience a regulated nervous system which in turn serve to heal the automatic trauma responses that have been held onto by the body.



Yoga For Trauma- presentation & workshop
Somatic Shaking- presentation & workshop
Moving Meditation- presentation & workshop
Expressive Dance- presentation & workshop


If you'd enjoy studying therapeutic movement through the guidance of a gifted clinician, Bianca would love to work together!