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The 21-Day Neural Reset Self-Therapy Course with Sandra Larsen

A 21-day online course guiding you to master your stress response, overcome anxiety/pain triggers and rewrite patterns of suffering into resilience. Included are 3 live Zoom sessions, a 34-page eWorkbook for journaling and references as well as daily practical requirements on your part.Key Benefits:• Demystify the science of nervous system dynamics & learn how to harness innate self-healing abilities

• Cultivate a granular awareness of personal stress responses and early distress signals

• Develop a repertoire of techniques to self-soothe and break cycles of emotional/physiological dysfunction

• Rewire neural pathways contributing to conditions like chronic pain, PTSD, depression

• Boost vagal tone, heart rate variability and access flow states through somatic practices

• Integrate polyvagal theory, trauma release methods, breathwork and more into a personalized nervous system balancing protocol

• Gain lasting skills for regulation of mental, emotional and body systems amidst life’s inevitable challenges

• Embody the radical possibility for post-traumatic growth and everyday wellbeing through neural resetThe Neural Reset Self-Therapy Training synthesizes multiple modalities into a proven 21-day framework. Through education, guided exercises and consistent practice, you will unlock your innate capacity to recalibrate neurological patterns, resolve trapped trauma energies and optimize daily functioning. Say yes to health, wholeness and profound empowerment!