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PsychoSpiritual Integration with Suzy Daren, LMFT


This 6-week course offered 4 times per year will explore the fundamentals of psychedelic integration through a psychospiritual lens that considers the body, the mind and emotions, and one’s most authentic spiritual expression.  Participants will learn how to create a daily routine, transform negative emotions into virtue, focus the mind, and design a life that aligns with their true purpose and potential. 

PsychoSpiritual Integration (6 weeks - 60 mins) starting May14th at 3:00 PM PST

1. Daily routine
a. Why create one?
b. How to create one
2. Primacy of the body
a. Importance of the body in integration work
b. Health cultivation
c. Movement practice
d. Conduct
3. Transforming Emotions
a. What are emotions through a psychospiritual lens?
b. 3 levels of transformation 
c. Transformation protocol 
d. Yoga Nidra
4. Mind training
a. What is mind function?
b. 1 to 10 count
c. Second attention
d. Present moment awareness
5. Integration of body, speech and mind
a. What is a healthy self center?
b. Guarding speech
b. Identity and authenticity 
6. Core beliefs and purpose
a. Living a worldview (and values)
b. Expressing unique purpose 
c. Unlocking potential  

If you would like embark on a deep journey with Suzy and other group members, this 6-week course of 60-minute sessions starts on May 14th at 3:00 PM PST!