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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with Dr. Bryce Healy

This 60-minute course over 5 week provides the foundational elements of MBSR techniques and how best to implement these practices. You’ll learn grounding and somatization techniques that can assist you to develop a mindfulness-based practice while learning skills to handle difficult emotions or thoughts.

1.      Introduction to MBSR- 
               a.     History, purpose
               b.     Introduction guided meditation.
2.      Mindful body
               a.     Seated/ lying
               b.     Standing/ walking
               c.     Progressive muscle relaxation demo/ guided meditation
3.      Mindful feeling 
               a.     Somatization practices
               b.     Anchors- recognizing and using
4.      Mindful thinking
               a.     RAIN
               b.     FLOCK
               c.     ANTs- Dr. Daniel Amen
               d.     Upward and downward spirals
               e.     Triangles and squares
5.      Mindful being
               a.     Listening
               b.     Talking
               c.     Gratitude
               d.     Self-Compassion

Through this course, you’ll learn how to further develop tools of emotional regulation to cope through the daily stressors of everyday life.