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Before You Go - Prepping for the Psychedelic Journey with Sandra Larsen

Interested in Preparation Work Before a Psychedelic Journey?

This 90-minute online course provides you with a comprehensive framework to help prepare your body, mind and spirit for safe, conscious psychedelic exploration. You'll learn evidence-based techniques to increase your capacity for a regulated nervous system. This allows you to approach expanded states from a core sense of safety - setting the stage for meaning and integration afterwards.

Sandra will offer guidance around intention setting and managing expectations relating to this work. She’ll also explain what “Set and Setting” is all about and help you create a safe environment for your medicine journey.

 Course includes:

 - Building Nervous System Resilience

 - Clarifying Intentions

 - Preparation, Set and Setting

 - Navigating Challenges

 - Integration

If you seek the wisdom of a seasoned expert before embarking on micro or macro journeys, this course is for you!