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Brian Tibbetts, MFT, PCC

I've been working as a therapist and psychedelic integration coach since 2017 after completing a masters in clinical psychology from Antioch University Santa Barbara specializing in somatic practices.

My own journey of self-healing and recovery inspired me to return to school to be of service to others as best I'm able. My focus thus far has been clients struggling with addictions, anxiety, depression and existential exploration. Mindfulness, meditation, breath work and movement-based therapies have been the cornerstone within my own work and I'm always inspired to work with others of similar goals and values from a Rogerian humanistic perspective. 

Psychedelic medicine has brought me great emotional and spiritual insight in my younger days which inspired me to re-visit after many failed trials of pharmaceuticals to treat anxiety and depression. After many years of experience and research, I'm happy to share my knowledges with clients interested in both micro & macro dosing of psilocybin for mental health and/or existential exploration. 

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