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5-Day Meditation Bootcamp with Brian Tibbetts, MFT

Are you hoping to make meditation one of your central practices this year?

Our in-house therapist Brian Tibbetts will be offering a 5-day 30-minute online
meditation group that covers several different meditation techniques.


The initial LIVE offering of this course is April 1st - April 5th 5:30 - 6:00 PST but we also have a digital component featuring Brian's lessons combined with high fidelity spatial audio soundscapes mixed in Dolby Atmos!

Our 5-day course will cover:

  • Several styles of meditation, including Mantra-Based, Vipassana and Zazen
  • The history of each style’s use and development
  • 10-20 minutes of practicing each style of meditation each day
  • How to incorporate mindfulness and “micro-meditations” into your day
  • Evidence-based neurobiological effects of daily meditation, including emotional regulation and increased neural connections and grey matter.

Brian is formally trained in a variety of techniques from meditation to qigong to yoga and mindfulness. He’s excited to help inspire you to begin an enduring daily meditation practice!

In order to aid your meditation journey, here are a few cool apps Brian recommends: